? Top 10 Checklist before Hiring a Security Guard for Your Residential Complex
09, Mar 2021

Top 10 Checklist before Hiring a Security Guard for Your Residential Complex

Residential Complexes require vigilant & round the clock security guards. These security guards fulfil the primary objective of protection and help ease the day-to-day lives of your residents. Safety and security are major concerns wherever we go, and in our homes, we should feel safe.
Residential and Apartment managers need to ensure that the security service providers they hire are of the highest calibre. We have provided certain hiring guidelines that one should follow upon hiring the right candidate for your residential complex.

Hiring Guidelines:

Background Check/Police Verification

While hiring a security guard, a thorough and rigorous background check is mandatory. The local police station in your city will also provide a criminal record history if available. This helps residential complexes be aware of any untoward information about the applicant.

Past Reference/Experience

Upon hiring any candidate, the applicants are supposed to provide information about their past job experience & references. It's good to get in touch with some of the references mentioned to verify their previous work ethics & reason for the termination of the last job.

Fitness Level

The position of a security guard is a very physically demanding job. A security guard must have a certain level of fitness level that allows him to be agile and active at work.

Language Barrier

The security guard should be able to speak in the residents' language in the complex to ease the day-to-day life of the residents and their guests. Also, knowing the local language is a must these days since interaction with locals is also a big part of the job. Equipment


The job role of a security guard is not limited to interaction with the residents & guests. It also includes being able to handle the security equipment being used in the complex in question. That may include CCTV, Smartphone (apps such as NoBrokerHood, MyGate, etc.), even computers.

Threats Awareness

A certain level of awareness is necessary for a security guard to avoid burglaries & theft in the residential complex. Thieves that attempt to enter such complexes masquerading as delivery personnel, food delivery & couriers etc., is a nuisance in our society. An aware security guard helps minimize such incidents.

Emergency Awareness

Fires, earthquakes & other such situation can arise at any moment. Smooth and effective management is carried out and maintained by the security guard of any complex. A trained & knowledgeable guard can help you save lives in these times of chaos.

Random Drug Testing

Drugs & Alcohol consumption during or even while not on duty is a troublesome situation for the residents' welfare and safety in any complex. A random drug testing policy & alcohol breathalyzer testing can help minimize future problems that may or may not arise.

Certified Security License

A proper security guard will have to have an updated and valid security license issued by appropriate security agencies at all times. Ensuring the security license is regularly renewed also requires regular training & means that the security guard is well trained & efficient.

Financial Stability

The employee you hire is financially stable and has no money lenders after him/her. This helps you predetermine that your staffs' monetary issues do not cause you any hindrances in aspects of theft or asking for salary advances regularly.

Summing Up

These checklists are a must and should be followed at all times upon hiring for your residential complex. At NIS, we pride ourselves on maintaining not only these but far rigorous & effective measures to ensure your residents have a peaceful & lovely stay.

At NIS, we provide regular training to all employees & we assign your security guard based the needs and requirements set. We have a vast list of employees, and so we pick and choose the right fit for the right society.

Upon contacting us for your security needs, you get to understand your specific needs. We then interview the shortlisted options we provide you with. All our guards are fully licensed and trained in all the above aspects of their job.

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