? Fitness Followed By a Fitness Challenge Activity
05, Oct 2019

Fitness Followed By a Fitness Challenge Activity

Do you maintain the right posture? If you are not sure about it then before taking a pain killer and visiting doctors learn more about the right posture to BE FIT & HEALTHY. Needless to say that a fit body can yield better work. When it comes to fitness, it does not only implies nutrient-rich food, daily exercise and healthy habits. Right posture plays a vital role in it. A wrong posture strains muscles, makes it work harder and thus it gets soreness and pain. This in long run it can result in chronic pain and stress your entire nervous system.

Suppose, you often slouch down unknowingly. Or the angle of your backbone, hip and knees angle is incorrect while you are working on your office chair and desk for prolong hours. The result is you get up with tremendous pressure on spinal cord, hands and neck. Now, are you fit to take up the challenge the next day? So here we go with fitness followed by a fitness challenge activity.

Workplace Posture

NIS being a renowned company for providing security and surveillance service staff proclaims to have a team of efficient, motivated and fit individuals. Hence to revive and boost up the vitality lets discuss some workplace postures specifications that can enhance the fitness quotient to an optimum level. Posture is something that is very easy to maintain as it gradually becomes a habit but hard to adapt once it is too late!

Standing Posture

Always stand straight with your weight distributed between two legs. Strengthen your buttocks muscle so that it does not curve too much. You must have too much curve in your lower back. This is called Donald Duck posture. An abdominal fat, pregnancy or wearing high heels may result in it.

You may practice Core & buttocks strengthening exercise to rectify it. To check out the development stand against the wall. If there is an only 2-inch gap between neck, back and wall then it is corrected. The larger gap is it means spinal strain.

Sitting Posture Problem

Be its living room chair or office chair we often have a tendency to slouch. Slouching is okay for 2-5 minutes but long time slouching can badly affect soft tissues and muscles. It can cause a tremendous effect on the spinal cord. In this case, also you have to balance your buttocks muscles to prevent slouching.

Always try to keep your shoulder and back in a relaxed position. Knees should be a little low in angle than hips. Try to sit straight. And gradually your muscles will support you in so.

Leaning on one leg

This is a very bad posture both for health and is also unconventional. It creates immense pressure on the pelvic region and creates low back pain. Do regular exercise and try to stand straight. Keep shoulder, buttocks in the same angle and keep a slight gap between knees to distribute the pressure.

Text Neck

This happens when you are working on a keyboard or mobile phone for prolong hours. As you bent your neck over the keyboard it causes pain for the wrong posture.
You may practice neck, chest, and upper shoulder strengthening exercises. Such postures also create pain in thumb finger grid, elbow joints and shoulder joints.
Right posture can enhance your good look. Hence try and rectify it!

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