? Smarter Ways to Reduce Office Waste in Buildings
08, Apr 2019

Smarter Ways to Reduce Office Waste in Buildings

Taking care of the environment is a responsibility that everyone should feel accountable for. Most of the time a lot of care and effort goesinto maximising every resources available at our home. But strangely, when it comes to our offices the same level of care and concern often goes missing. Wedaily spend at least a third of our day in our office. Itís time to step forward to do things responsibly & effectively at our workplacestoo.

Take a look at these smart approaches for a cleaner and greener work environment.

Bring your own tableware:

Make it an official practice to use your own tableware (mugs, plates and glasses) and encourage other employees to do so too. This will reduce waste inthe office cafeteria.

Consider shared workspaces over individual ones:

Encourage shared workspaces and rationed office stationary to enforce waste reduction. Consider rotating shifts for your employees or a work-from-homeculture in your office to effectively reduce resource consumption and wastage simultaneously.

Go green:

Use natural lights to reduce electricity usage.Investing in solar lights is a good long term beneficial idea in tropical countries like India.

Setup eco-friendly fixtures:

Invest in technology to save on energy and water

  • Install lighting with motion sensors or automatic switches with pre-set timings
  • Choose LEDs over CFLs
  • Setup smart taps with sensors and flush systems with dual choices (half and full) to reduce water wastage.
  • Install electrical hand dryer instead of paper towels in washrooms.

Be responsible with your choices:

Consciously choose the greener options, such as

  • Print less or use both sides of the paper whenever possible.
  • Use electronic documents.
  • Try to communicate online through emails and virtual conferences instead of physical transporting of mails.
  • Store and manage data electronically instead of printing them on papers.
  • Use recyclable products as your office stationaries (for example recyclable pens, paper boxes and more).
  • Donít throw away old paper files, instead shred them and reuse them as fillers in packaging
  • Insist on reusable containers.

Segregate the waste properly:

Make sure to segregate the wet, dry and electronic wastes properly at the collection points for easy disposal and recycling.

It is our responsibility to actively appreciate and endorse recycling and reusing initiatives among our employees and colleagueswhenever possible.We should focus on the overall sustainability of the operations to ensure minimal waste generation in office buildings.

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