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Investigation & Due Diligence

We offer investigation and due diligence services that help our clients to mitigate risks. We have professionals who are well versed in proper investigative methodologies and protocol. We make in depth background verification with detailed financial health, reputation, integrity, current reliability of the service holders in the private sectors. We even customize investigative solutions that meet our client’s unique needs. Also, background verification is also conducted for our in-house and outplaced staffs who are working as servicemen in our company. Therefore all the people we deploy are verified and our trustworthy.

Service Details

Our services
  • Unearthing of assets of defaulting borrowers / guarantors of different Banks.
  • Background Verification of service holders in the private sectors excluding background verification of security guards, who are covered by police dept.
  • Surveillance – both static and mobile.
  • Pre and post enquiries including matrimonial enquiries / corporate intelligence

Why Choose NIS ?

One stop Service Provider

We offer a wide range of services which include, manned security, housekeeping, facility management, electronic security & more. You get all the varied services under a single roof.

Verified & trustworthy professionals

Before recruiting we conduct background verification of all the employees.

IN-House Training Academy

We are one of the few companies in INDIA that have their own Training Academy, where various service related training is offered.

Trained & Certified Professionals.

Before recruitment all servicemen undergo extensive training under Keertika Academy which is our group company for training purpose.

Highest Quality Control

NIS has been accredited with ISO 9001:2015 which is the basic criteria for Quality Management System. We are committed to the effective monitoring of Quality Objectives & Key Performance Indicators.


At NIS, we strictly follow the mentioned statutory guidelines and submit a proof of the statutory compliances to avoid damages arising out of non-compliances.