Keertika Academy Private Limited

Keertika Academy Private Limited was set up in 2006 as a corporate entity to provide short training courses to trainees who had a minimum level of schooling to equip them with skills needed to secure decent employment. It has concentrated its efforts on training those who do not possess a high level of academic education. The principal focus was on providing training to youths for employment as security guards. Affiliated/empanelled with:

  • National Skill development Corporation
  • Security Sector Skill Development Council(SSSDC)
  • Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skill Council(THSC)
  • Indian Plumbing Sector Skill Council(IPSSC)
  • Indian Iron & Steel Sector Skill Council(II&SSSC)
  • Directorate General of Employment and Training under Ministry of Labour
  • Home-Political Department Of West Bengal ( PSAR act)
  • State Urban Development of West Bengal and Haryana
  • Bihar Urban Development Agency(BUDA)
  • Aliah University

The Academy started functioning from February, 2006. Keertika has been successful in providing more than 40,000 trainees and has been successful in placing more than 85% of the trainees who completed the course with employers.