'5 Tips for Women Security Considering Today's Scenario'

Do you travel by public transport after sundown? Are you a working woman who sometimes needs to work till late at night? If your answer is yes, then chances are high that you might have felt uncomfortable at some point of time or other while walking, driving or simply travelling alone in your own city.
Even though women have equal respect in all areas of life, they are not viewed as equals by their male counterparts. Women are considered vulnerable and weak which is why they are often targeted by men who often feel accomplished and satisfied by attacking a woman.

Here are five easy tips which can help you to feel safer and in control

Practice Awareness

When you are walking alone in a relatively deserted street, the last thing which you should do is to stay glued to your phone or listen to music on your headphones. When you keep your eyes and ears free from your mobile, you will be more aware of suspicious footsteps and conversations and act accordingly.

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Use Emergency Applications

Almost all of us use smartphone nowadays, but not many ladies have emergency apps installed in them, which can be activated simply by pressing the power button. Sometimes attackers act so fast, that you may not have the option of unlocking your phone and calling someone for help. Keep the police emergency number ‘100’ in your speed dial list and GPS on. Even if you feel slightly uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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Always Trust Your Gut Instincts

Women have a gut feeling, which is much stronger than men. If you feel you are being followed, don’t think twice before moving inside a shop or ATM. Call for assistance and don’t move out alone. If you feel cornered, don’t feel embarrassed to shout and ask for help.

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Don’t Ride Alone

While travelling alone at night, avoid private transport like radio taxis, buses with a few passengers or rickshaws. Even if it looks a bit uncomfortable, always opt for public transport unless you are travelling on a very busy route.

Check Your Car before Entering

If you drive, avoid parking in deserted areas. Keep your windows rolled up all the time. Don’t stop to help an unknown stranger. Before approaching your car, keep your keys handy, so that you don’t have to look for them standing in front of your car. Always check the back seat of your car before entering.

These simple steps are easy to follow and if you practice them, it can minimize your chances of an unfortunate incident to a large extent.